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Dear Friends,

Christian Contender Ministries will soon be moving to Honobia, Oklahoma.  We met with the Board of Directors of the Kiamichi Mountain Christian Mission on Saturday, February 23rd and it was decided by a unanimous vote to call us to direct the Mission. We thank you for your prayers in this matter and continue to seek your prayers during this transition.  We plan to make several trips to Honobia between now and mid May and then be full-time on the field by then.

A large part of the ministry of Christian Contender Evangelizing Association is helping other ministries, churches, and organizations.  We have put ourselves in a position where we can be available when needed because of our business income and regular financial support from those who believe in our ministry.  Christian Contender Ministries will now use all of our time, talent, skills, and resources to expand the work of the Kiamichi Mountain Christian Mission.  We still need your support as well as additional support to be able to do this.  There will be more details forthcoming.  We are currently working with a new Christian School in LaBelle, Florida.  Christian Contender Ministries is also providing an Outreach Worship Service in the Port LaBelle Inn every Sunday Morning.  These efforts are going strong and seeing success in spreading the gospel and bring people to Christ.  We are not unhappy in this work or in the level of success which is occurring, however, we continually must ask ourselves this important question; “How can I make my life count more effectively for Christ?”  That has been the standard by which our ministry has operated for over 22 years.

We believe we can be more effective for the Kingdom working with the Kiamichi Mountain Christian Mission so we have accepted the challenge.  Much prayer and counsel has gone into this decision.  We all agree this is the direction the Lord is leading.  It will be sad to leave our home, friends, and family in Florida but we hope to spend at least part of the winter months in the South, promoting the Mission at churches and conventions during that time when the work of the Mission slows down for the winter.

For more information about the Mission you can visit their website  This should give you an overview of what is involved.  Because of our varied skills and talents, we believe there are many ideas and programs that Dora and I can implement which would help this great ministry that has been a blessing to that area since the 40’s.  You can locate the area by satellite using Google Earth on your computer.  Type in Honobia, OK, then follow the Indian Service Road (actually called Indian Trail) south to Hwy 144.  The Mission is northwest of that intersection.   It is located in the middle of the Kiamichi Mountains which is 100 square miles of the lower Ouachita Mountain Range, right in the heart of the Choctaw Nation.  The name “Kiamichi” is a French/Choctaw word that means “go no further.”

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”(Galatians 2:20)

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,

Artie & Dora


















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